Hopefully you don't cringe too hard but here's a new program for you...

Improve Body Composition

Enhance your fat loss without the cookie-cutter BS. Based off real studies and sh*t, Slow Reps showed a 12-15% more increase in fat loss.

2 Birds, 1 Stone

Slow Reps is a dialed-in weekly program that maximizes your strength AND more aesthetic muscle development.

Mental Reps

As a byproduct, Slow Reps hardwires your brain to improve neuromuscular pathways that improve your mind-muscle connection.


Although keeping it fun is cool and all... Slow Reps has so much variability for each set in every exercise, which can improve your power, speed, and athleticism to prevent you from ever plateauing.

6 Key Areas

Includes full workouts for each and every major muscle group so you can develop a greater physique... YOUR GREATEST and most PRIME physique!


Slow Reps doesn't take a 1-sided approach. Whether you're a 67 year old grandma with fragile knees, or a 23 year old couch potato whose never lifted a weight in their life, Slow Reps was designed to reach the entire population.

They'll Laugh at You Until They Ask

It’s pretty clear now… The research has just been chilling there for a long mf time now... but nobody is yelling about it — nonetheless applying it.

It’s now well-established that lifting light weights can substantially increase muscle development. However, this doesn’t mean that lighter = better — nor does it mean that it’s the superior and only approach to optimize our muscle growth.

In the last decade, I’ve come to realize that everything has its time and place… down to the very rep… which is exactly how Slow Reps has been dialed in for you.

I’ve spent too long experimenting these workouts and spent too many restless nights researching the topic.

I now have a well-constructed, valuable program that can optimize more than just 1 goal inside the gym… but don’t take any of my advice… you’ll cringe.

Course Curriculum

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days after you enroll
  Downloadable Workout Sheets
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  Shoulder Day
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  Back Day
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  Leg Day
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  Chest Day
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  Arm Day
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A 1-time purchase for a lifelong workout.

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Slow Reps Gym Course

Maximize Every Rep

A one-time purchase that gives you lifetime access to every workout and exercise that Slow Reps offers in its yearly periodized program.

This course offers:

  • step-by-step video tutorials
  • 2 of my ab workout routines
  • strength building
  • endurance improving
  • muscle building
  • specific sets, reps, tempos
  • spreadsheets for daily workouts
  • workouts backed by research
  • workouts that just hit differently

As long as you have access to the basic gym equipment (barbell and some dumbbells), you can rest assure that these workouts will hit differently ;)

*New exercises may be added to the course at no charge.

2 payments of $12/month

Slow Reps (Payment Option)

Pay some now. Pay the rest later.

This option allows you to make 2 payments to enroll.

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